Researching Impaired Driving in New Zealand was founded by Gerald Waters on behalf of the friends and family of Katherine Kennedy. In March 2010, on a road near Kerikeri, Katherine Kennedy was killed by a drunk-driver with 17 previous convictions for drink-driving.
" I was in court when the driver who killed our friend was sentenced. I did not see a violent killer who was intent on killing, in the dock that day. I saw an out-of-control alcoholic who had presented himself as such to the justice system on many previous occasions". Gerald Waters
Katherine Kennedy with her son Matthew
Gerald has spent his time researching and studying Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) impaired driving in New Zealand and internationally.He has also researched:
• Worldwide studies of recidivism
• Studies on counter measures for drink-driving such as alcohol ignition interlocks
• Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level and accident rate correlation
• Worldwide studies of lowering of the BAC for drivers
• Rehabilitation and treatment of drink drivers
• Therapeutic jurisprudence
• Studies on worldwide drink-driving sanctions
• Data and statistics on drink-driving in New Zealand
• AOD Treatment courts
• AOD rehabilitation in NZ and internationally

Gerald is in consultation and correspondence with world recognised experts and professionals in all the above fields. He is currently carrying out NZ specific research on drink-driving.