Researching Impaired Driving in New Zealand

Impaired driving is a serious problem in New Zealand. Road crashes place a substantial burden on the economy and the health sector, and lower the quality of life of many New Zealanders. The annual social cost of road crashes in New Zealand is approximately $3.8 billion dollars.
Drink driving is a significant contributor to this social cost and one of the main causes of serious road crashes. In 2013 driver alcohol/drugs were a contributing factor in 72 fatal traffic crashes, 324 serious injury crashes and 861 minor injury crashes. These crashes resulted in 78 deaths, 440 serious injuries and 1,226 minor injuries. The total social cost of crashes involving alcohol/drugs was about $669 million; 22 percent of the social cost associated with all injury crashes (Source: Ministry of Transport). RIDNZ seeks to reduce these figures and investigate solutions to reduce instances of impaired driving.

RIDNZ is dedicated to the research, sharing of information and publicity of initiatives that may reduce instances of impaired driving in NZ

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